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 Judges / Curating Panel

Laurie Lashomb

Laurie Lashomb - Photographer

CEO, The Green Butterfly Studio, FL - Laurie Lashomb is a seasoned photographer, specializing in landscape and mobile photography. Born and raised in Ogdensburg, NY, she spent her youth in the Seaway Valley along the St. Lawrence River, surrounded by Canada to the North and West and the Adirondack Mountains to the South and East. She first fell in love with photography at age 6 while experimenting with her parents’ Kodachrome flashbulb camera. Shortly after, she received her first Kodak Instamatic camera. Over the years, she sampled and tested various “fad” cameras from a Polaroid One-Step, to a Kodak Disc, before graduating to a Nikon SLR film camera, and eventually settling on a Nikon digital. She studied various genres of photography after moving to Florida as an adult. She prides herself on “seeing” photos everywhere that are just waiting to be captured and preserved.

PJ Rourke
Artist / Curator

CEO, Rourke Studio Productions, FL - PJ Rourke grew up in Merritt Island, Florida, and has always been interested in engineering, music, and art. He began performing in Brevard County as a professional musician performing in coffee shops, gradually moving to the top performing venues in the area. Several years ago, he began designing graphic manipulation software over the internet and is now judging artists' photography, paintings, drawings, and sculptures from all over the world through internet art contests.

Aditional panel of members
Photography / Curators

Additional photographers and artistic experts from local universities will take part in curator and judging activities to provide new conceptual reviews and comments. These additional members will rotate amongst different contests to offer a different point of view.

Photo by: Alan Bigio
Photo by: Sammi Kildow
Photo by: Eleni Argyriou
Photo by: HooiChen Koay
Photo by: Bill Shumaker
Photo by: Sammi Kildow
Photo by: leo tujak
Photo by: leo tujak
Photo by: Vera Angelico